KulturRaum action day to take part in the LUISE

Last Friday our culture guests were able to sing, dance and play music - under professional guidance. In the Cultural center LUISE our Musik.vor.Ort-Choir, a dance project and a community orchestra presented themselves.

Everyone who wanted to make their own was invited. Previous knowledge was not necessary! Everyone could take part and try out whether it was fun. 60 culture guests accepted our invitation.

The Musik.vor.Ort Choir is a community choir for adults who enjoy singing together and experimenting with music. In the Dance on dance project, there is a piano player and a choreographer who teach free dancing. Anyone can take part in the Munich Community Music Orchestra, no matter how old they are and whether they can play an instrument or not (yet).

As always, coffee and cake were provided. It was a wonderful afternoon with lots of laughter, beautiful encounters and spontaneous singing!

For everyone who wants to participate regularly in the Musik.vor.Ort-Chor, in "Dance On" or in the community orchestra, here is the information again:

Music.on.site choir


Community Music Orchestra

Photos: Daniela Pfeil