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The tickets are stored in this name at the checkout. The contact person receives the regular offer of free tickets by e-mail, books the tickets and collects the tickets for the group from the cash desk. The tickets can also be picked up by another person who accompanies the visit to the event.
If necessary, substitute for the contact person
If the contact person is unable to attend, the representative may also book free tickets. If the offer of free tickets should also be sent to the representation, please enter the corresponding e-mail address(es) below.
address of the facility*
The monthly offer of free tickets will be sent to this e-mail address. The automated booking confirmation after successful free ticket booking goes exclusively to this e-mail address.
If desired, the free ticket offer can also be sent to this e-mail address. Please note that automated booking confirmations will not be sent to this email address.
How many people are interested in culture and potential users of the free tickets we provide?
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