5 years of culture children. 5 years of cultural offers for families and children with low income. That had to be celebrated!
Dental practice in Nymphenburg is committed to a colourful, open and solidary city.
Sabine Ruchlinski and Clara Sachs were for us at the meeting of the Federal Association for Cultural Participation in Wetzlar
SHARE YOUR GUESTLIST - a campaign in favor of KulturRaum Munich - is launched
There was a lot going on in the Stianghaus for International Women's Day in March
Amelie Diana and Andi Bittl with accordion
With "A Christmas Story" Liesl Weapon and Andreas Bittl donate €5.105 each to the Münchner Tafel and to the KulturKinder of our association.
A Christmas tree full of colorful hearts. Culture children decorate the tree with their Christmas wishes.
The Munich Academic Symphony Orchestra (ASO), a long-standing cultural partner of KulturRaum München, held a benefit concert on December 2nd and thus supported the work of the non-profit association.
Two sparklers
Instead of birthday presents - collect donations for a good cause and donate culture.
The last two pieces of the Schoppenstube were auctioned off in favor of KulturRaum München.