Group of adults and children in the museum

Moment of joy meets culture

On May 13th we together with nest warmth experienced an exciting voyage of discovery into ancient Egypt.

nest warmth eV works nationwide for families with seriously ill or disabled children. At a "warmest moment of joy" warm-hearted volunteers come together with families to meet and exchange ideas over beautiful shared experiences. We are happy that we as KulturRaum Munich such a moment of joy State Museum of Egyptian Art (SMAEK) could make possible.

The exclusive family tour is a good example of how KulturRaum can serve as a link between cultural institutions and social projects.

Five nestwärme families and six volunteers from Munich (a total of 27 people) were there.

We learned a lot about the pharaohs, the ancient Egyptian sun god Res and the life of ancient Egyptian families and were allowed to touch casts of exhibits ourselves in the “Egypt (capture) it” room.

In addition, we deciphered hieroglyphs on beautiful obelisks together and puzzled over how long before us people lived in Ancient Egypt.

A highlight for all nestwärme families and volunteers - many thanks to the SMAEK for the beautiful afternoon!