Guest café with magic and comedy for children and patients

Our guest café in February was entirely dedicated to magic and entertainment for children. Once a month we organize this afternoon with culture and cake at various locations, which serves as a meeting point for our cultural guests. This time we only invited KulturKinder.

Almost 70 children and adults came to the February Guest Café at the LUISE cultural center Magic show with the award-winning magician René Frotscher to see.

The children were thrilled by his amazing and at the same time funny magic with a lot of interaction, clownish and pantomimic elements, situational comedy and a lot of wordplay.

With our “KulturKinder München” offer, we invite families with children to experience culture. We also work closely with sponsorship programs for children, whose sponsorship tandems we invite to cultural visits.

The magic afternoon in February took place in cooperation with the Children's heroes Munich took place. Promote in this sponsorship program Mentors their mentees while learning and spending their free time. The invitation to Rene Frotscher's show was a very special event for the children.

Rene Frotscher says: “After graduating from school, I worked as a full-time English teacher in a (Japanese) kindergarten in Osaka. That’s where I learned how to work with children, and much of that knowledge now forms the basis of my children’s magic shows.”

And this is what the children said:

“I really liked that. My favorite trick was when he pulled the tissue out of his mouth and a whole stick came out. I don’t know how he did it.”

“I really liked the fact that so much paper came out of his mouth. I thought it was great that he brought girls on stage and with the lemon cards. I ate carrot cake & chocolate cake”. Sedra

“It was really nice that we did that together (with the mentor).” Adrienne

Photos: Daniela Pfeil