Guest Dialogue #9

Culture can take us away from the world for a moment

Ms. E. originally comes from Northern Germany, but she has been living in Munich for around 30 years. She has been a guest at the KulturRaum for a long time. When asked which cultural experience of the last few years she remembers particularly positively, she can hardly decide. If a Baroque festival in Schleißheim Palace, a jazz concert in the Muffathalle or a show by the comedian Simon Pierce – each event was an enrichment for Ms. E. in its own way: "The KulturRaum brings me to places I've never been before - it keeps opening up new structural, architectural and acoustic spaces for me."

Only once did Ms. E. witness a theater performance in the Munich Volkstheater where she eventually had to capitulate and leave the hall. It was an improvised piece with built-in gastronomy elements – a concept that Ms. E. generally believed had the potential to be very good, but in this case unfortunately made her feel like she was being taken for a fool. But this experience was okay too: Ms. E. would not have gone there on her own, but thanks to what the KulturRaum had to offer, she was able to afford such an “experiment”.

Art and culture played a special role in Ms. E.'s life early on. The Enormous Importance of culture for human well-being especially after the war: cultural experiences helped build people up and gave them new hope. And even today we can experience particularly intensively how culture permanently proves its systemic relevance: Despite the ever-present threat of war and pandemic, there are ways to retain awareness of beauty through small experiences for the senses. Simply leaning back with a good play or being able to sing along with a musical at the end is simply good. "There are no words, it can really take you away from the world," says Ms. E.

The experience of the pandemic-related lockdown has placed many people in a bubble, each within their own space of experience. This is another reason why the confrontation with culture is so important: Many cultural events not only include music or visual arts, but are cross-sectoral socio-cultural overall experiences that broaden people's horizons.

Text: Antonia Schwingen

Antonia Schwingen, a volunteer at KulturRaum München, regularly talks to our KulturGäste and reports on their cultural experiences in the "GästeDialog".

Antonia is very interested in culture herself and is happy about personal and honest statements from our culture guests. Both to inspire other people with regard to art and cultural adventures, and so that initiatives such as the KulturRaum München can continue to develop positively.

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