Information campaign on the Munich Pass

If you want to register with us as a culture guest, you need proof of entitlement. It's easiest if the person has a Munich Pass can show.

What is the Munich Pass?

The Munich Pass makes it possible Munich citizens with low income a variety of Perks: for example at the MVV, in museums, sports facilities, swimming pools, cinemas, zoos and much more. And the The Munich Pass allows you to easily register as a culture guest with us and thus visit Munich culture free of charge!

You can apply for the Munich Pass in the Social community centers in the city of Munich.

Many people don't know that they would be eligible to receive the Munich Pass.

In order to make the Munich Pass even better known, we have das Munich's cultural and social department therefore launched an information campaign brought to life. Because we at KulturRaum München are big fans of the Munich Pass, we were happy to support them with advice and action.

The poster campaign with eleven motifs shows Holders of the Munich Pass who actively use it. We find it particularly nice that almost all the people shown are also Adults are with us.

We think it's great that KulturGäste act as role models for others and encourage them to get the Munich Pass and benefit from the great offers it has in store.

Renate T., who took part in the campaign, says: "Since I registered with the KulturRaum with the Munich Pass, I feel involved in the colorful culture our city. I could as KulturGast several theatres, exhibitions and concerts to visit. Also the interesting leisure activities such as dancing in the park, fitness or even singing in a choir are a lot of fun and promote a sense of togetherness. Unfortunately, many seniors live alone for a variety of reasons. That's why this is Sense of belonging very important and the diverse offers of KulturRaum also offer the opportunity to get to know other people and to build up a circle of friends again in old age. That's why KulturRaum München is a ray of hope in my life!"

On September 9 there Mayor Dieter Reiter together with social officer Dorothee Schiwy and cultural officer Anton Biebl the start of the campaign. Campaign participants and press representatives came to admire the motifs at a central location in the city. Our deputy managing director Katharina Maurer from KulturRaum was present.

Many thanks to everyone who showed their faces in this campaign.

Here is the official one press release  in the Rathausumschau and one Overview of the motives.

All information about the Munich Pass and how to get it can be found here.

The Munich Pass information campaign will start on 9 September 2022 and will initially run until the end of October, then again in spring 2023. It was implemented by the cultural department in close cooperation with the social department of the city of Munich.

Photos for the campaign: Daniela Pfeil, graphic implementation: Melanie Castillo