free culture for young people in Munich

Culture for young people in Munich

KulturKick – the KulturRaum offer for young people

Youth is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 23 who are interested in culture in Munich. Once registered, KulturKickers can purchase up to two tickets for one on their own on the KulturKick website cultural event Reserve. We want to make culture more accessible for young people in Munich.
Apprentices, BFD and FSJ, young people from cooperating institutions and children of already registered adults can register.

How do we reach young people interested in culture who have difficult access to the cultural landscape?
We work with social institutions, care centers or educational institutions - our so-called Culture KickSpotsThey inform young people about KulturKick, are our contact persons and help with registration. Once registered as a KulturKick user, the online booking of tickets and the concert visit takes place without further support from a social partner.

Registration at KulturKick and booking tickets online

For the Registration you need an email address and a username. In the case of minors, parents must give their consent. Like all offers from KulturRaum München KulturKick is also free.

Almost every week there are new interesting offers for theatre, cinema and concerts, which are put online at the KulturKick website. There you will also find information about the events, pictures, videos and how to get to the event.

If you want, you will be invited to the WhatsApp group. This is where we post the latest events and you can send us a message if you need help booking tickets.