KulturKinder München - free culture for children in Munich

Laughing at a theater?
Listen to a concert?
Marvel at circus artists?
Not all children experience this.

KulturKinder München makes it possible!

Free culture for children in Munich

CultureChildren conveyed Free tickets for cultural experiences for children up to 13 years old whose parents have a low income as well as to social institutions and sponsors who look after children from low-income families. Around 70 Munich cultural organizers regularly provide us with free tickets for children's concerts, children's cinema, children's theater and much more. In addition, participatory workshops and holiday courses are offered on topics such as animation, photography, fine art, dance, theater and circus. This means that even families with little money can experience culture in Munich.

Our volunteers will call you if we have tickets for events in the categories you want. You tell us whether you would like to go with your child/children.

The tickets are then reserved in your name at the box office. If possible, we provide as many tickets as required for families for each event.

How to become a "KulturKind"

Are you interested in theatre, concerts and many other wonderful programs for children in Munich? How to sign up for free culture for families Your child up to the age of 13 can become a KulturKind, provided you or your family have a low income and, for example

  • Benefits for basic security or
  • receive unemployment benefit II
  • or have the Munich Pass.

Neither you nor your child/children need to be a member of the association. There are two ways to register with us:
About social institutions that work with us ( Social partners). Fill out the registration form from our CultureChildren flyer with one of our social partners. Your eligibility will be confirmed there and the registration will be forwarded to us.
Or you can contact us directly with your Munich Pass

Registration and contact

For registration as family with children or as Godmother use the following online form:

They look after children up to the age of 13 from low-income families Furniture? Then get in touch with us group cards to get free tickets for children's theater, children's concerts and other great children's programs: