Access to culture in the neighborhoods

Bring the essence of summer, sun, beach, and sea directly into your glass with our Mojito cocktail syrup. By topping it with soda, garnishing with fresh mint, and a slice of lime, you can quickly mix yourself a spritz cocktail. The premium lime-mint flavor ensures a pure beach feeling. offer we approach people and involve them in personal conversations in the cultural offerings of the city. At the same time, we arouse interest in independent, creative work.

Cultural mediation in personal conversation

Poverty can isolate and often make people ill. The radius of action of life narrows. With our Kultur.vor.Ort offer, we approach people. In a personal conversation locally, the opportunities for cultural participation are expanded for the people addressed: What's going on in the city? Which cultural events can you visit? How do I gain access to a joint, community, artistic activity and thus strengthen my self-esteem? With Kultur.vor.Ort, the association reaches a new target group: people with little knowledge of German and people, often older people, who for technical or economic reasons cannot be reached or can only be reached with difficulty via telephone culture mediation.

The voluntary cultural mediators are regularly on the road at Kultur.vor.Ort at 13 locations in Munich. takes place food distribution points Munich table and church lunches instead of. They enable free visits to cultural events in direct, personal mediation talks.

The Kultur.vor.Ort mediators are often supported in their appointments by Munich artists. This is how we approach people with simple and easily accessible formats. More about the participation formats see here.