Rules for our guests

Every ticket is a gift and should be used. Therefore, when you receive a card from us, we ask that you:

  • Please go to the event.
  • You are allowed the cards not pass on, give away or sell.
  • Please let us know in good time if you are planning an event cannot visit:Telephone: 089 - 55 26 71 83 (Please leave a message on our answering machine!)
    Or send one E-mail to:

Every visitor needs an admission ticket. Children also need a ticket.

Please collect your ticket from the box office in good time: At least 30 minutes before the event begins. You just have to your name say and that you dated the tickets KulturRaum Munich eV to have. Nobody can ask you what you earn.

If you XNUMX times your ordered tickets not pick up, you won't get any more tickets from us for the time being.