CultureChildren with Checker Tobi in the cinema

Last weekend started with a visit to the cinema for 300 KulturKinder from social institutions and our regular educational program Mathäser Filmpalast. There, Checker Tobi (Tobias Krell), known from film and television, showed his film "Checker Tobi and the secret of our planet". In it, the presenter, known to many children from the KiKa, is accompanied on a scavenger hunt around the world. The viewers are offered a lot: “Tobi climbs the crater of a fire-breathing volcano, dives with sea dragons in the Pacific, explores the loneliest areas of the Arctic with climate researchers and ends up in India at the driest time of the year. In Mumbai he becomes a Bollywood star before the monsoon transforms the mega-metropolis MFA+ film distribution the movie on.

After the film, the children were able to ask questions, which Checker Tobi was happy to answer. Some children then secured an autograph or a photo with the likeable moderator. The children had a lot of fun and are already looking forward to going to the cinema next time.

We would like to thank Checker Tobi (Tobias Krell) on behalf of the KulturKinder for this great morning and the good cooperation.