Happy couple at the theater box office

This is how your cultural institution can donate tickets

Do you still have places available? Or would you like to get socially involved and reach more culture-loving people with your event? Support KulturRaum Munich with your ticket donation.

Our cultural partners provide us with free tickets to their events. As a donor, you are completely free to decide how often and how many tickets you give us.

In order to convey the cards optimally, we need at least 3 days before the start of the event Your card offer. Ideal is one Advance notice of two weeks.

You will receive it from us the day before the event or on the day itself email a guest list with the names of the guests. The tickets are then picked up by the guests directly at the (evening) box office. Other procedures are also no problem after consultation.

More than 200 cultural organizers in Munich take part and regularly provide tickets. Our cultural partners are large and small organizers from all areas of the culture and art scene.

Why become a cultural partner?

There are many good reasons to become a cultural partner of KulturRaum Munich:

1. Social responsibility: Donations of admission tickets enable cultural experiences for all sections of the population and strengthen social cohesion.

2. Audience Development: You reach more people and gain a more diverse audience. Programs like Children and Youth speak to the audience of tomorrow.

3. Effective cultural communication: Personal contact through our competent mediators breaks down individual barriers to cultural activities. Our intermediaries can help with questions about cultural visits.

4. Positive public perception: As a cultural organizer, your commitment will be perceived positively and you will enjoy an increased reputation through our public relations work.

5. Promote cultural awareness: They deepen the understanding and appreciation of art and culture and promote long-term interest in cultural activities.

Information for cultural partners to download