KulturRaum Plus - ideas for culture in Munich

Ideas for culture in Munich

KulturRaum München lives from the people who are involved here. For us, culture and social issues belong together. Together we develop ideas for culture in Munich. How can you make the offer of free tickets even better known? How can cultural participation be lived? How can you get even more people interested in culture? How can you ensure that more people can participate in the diverse cultural life of the city?

A lot has happened since the association was founded. Other projects have been launched, which we would like to present to you here.

Additional projects – Ideas for culture in Munich.

People stand at an outdoor shop counter

Digital aid

Digital Help is an offer for everyone who needs help using the Internet and would like free advice.
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Symbols for accessibility and writing "Culture barrier-free Munich"

Culture barrier-free Munich

With culture barrier-free Munich we bundle all information about barrier-free cultural places in Munich.
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LiteraturRaum - free reading circle in Munich

Space for Book Lovers

At LiteraturRaum there are now two reading circles for our culture guests. The meetings take place once a month.
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Audience at free concert "Simmering in Sendling"

Free entry Calendar

Munich for free: The Entry.Free team collects free cultural offerings in Munich in the Entry.Free calendar. For all Munich residents!
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MIXMUC - Cultural diversity for Munich


MixMuc is a heterogeneous, international team of around 20 young people who carry out cultural projects together.

Musicians and people in a garden at the guest café of the KulturRaum München

KulturRaum on site - get creative

Make music with artists, participate, create together with our hands-on offers from Kultur.vor.Ort.
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