Guest game 2015

The KulturRaum Munich says thank you for a crazy Bavarian evening

“Yesterday evening there was a special kind of benefit event at the Volkstheater in Munich: LIESL WEAPON and KATHRIN ANNA STAHL, the lovely Gstanzl duo, really let it rip for a good cause. The two artists led through the evening, which conjured up the very special Bavarian anarchic attitude to life and on which all artists waived their fees in favor of KulturRaum München or to say it with Weapon & Stahl: "Zwengs da Kultur san mia heit do". The Bavarian Grant HARRY G, (...), SIMON PEARCE (...)"

Excerpt from Munich press release of June 10, 2015

9 June 2015
Munich Volkstheater
Series of events: Guest game – benefit for KulturRaum Munich
Motto: "The guest game 2015: Laughter for more art and culture for everyone!"

Genre: cabaret/cabaret
Participating Artists: Harry G, Weapon & Stahl, Simon Pearce, Fate Combo
Concept: Kathrin Anna Stahl & Liesl Weapon
Voluntary helpers: approx. 10 people and a great evening team from the Volkstheater including gastro
Number of visitors: 562
Other supporters: Ring of Fire GmbH, Claudia Wenz (photo)
Documentation: Video for the benefit evening at the Volkstheater 2015