Mobile children's theater: An afternoon with the "Frog King" and "Tiger & Bear"

On the way with the Munich Theater for Children

On a total of eight dates in June and July brought that Munich Theater for Children (MTfK) on behalf of the KulturRaum München eV numerous children who are cared for in social institutions and their families happy afternoons. Thanks to the mobile children's theater, the children could Neighborhood meeting May beetle meeting in Berg am Laim  into the fairytale world of "Frog King" immerse or in Day care center in Neuperlach with Janosch's tiger and bear in "Oh how nice is Panama!" go on a little trip. And all in picnic atmosphere under the open sky.

Aim: Enable local cultural participation

Katharina Maurer from KulturRaum München explains why the mobile children's theater is such a valuable offer: "With the mobile children's theater we can Bring cultural experiences directly to where children in difficult life situations are cared for. In this way, we can specifically address the needs of staff and clients and offer the necessary flexibility. Cultural experiences are also made possible for people who are not so mobile or for groups for whom an excursion is difficult to organize.”

The participating institutions appreciate the offer. So too Lena Maria Hopfthat the Neighborhood meeting May beetle meeting in Berg am Laim directs. For the children of the Maikäfertreff, it is a special kind of pleasure to root for the characters in the theatre. “To sit on their playground in the park and to laugh together, to tremble, to develop imagination and empathy, to experience joy and sorrow means something special for our residents, something that stands out from everyday life and allows them to participate in cultural life," says Hopf.

With this in mind, a heartfelt thank you goes to the Munich Theater for Children for the good cooperation. We look forward to continuing the cooperation – and I'm sure the children will too.