Popcorn and cinema fun at the KulturKinder Cinema in the Mathäser Filmpalast

Second take! Last Thursday, our cinema campaign went into the next round - for the second time in February. This time were ours Children turn and were allowed to see the latest film adaptation of Robber Hotzenplotz experience on the big screen.

Various social facilities, including language cafes and Community accommodation for refugee families, had the opportunity to reserve cinema tickets for children and parents. The rush was great - among others, the SOS Children's Village and the house for mother and child took advantage of our offer.

Over 400 KulturKinder so celebrated with free popcorn and drinks their carnival holidays. The film caused a happy romp in the cinema hall.

A big thank you goes to him Mathäser cinema at the Stachus and Jacob Claussen for the great support!

Together we can give as many children as possible access to culture, be it cinema or theatre.

Our new one also started in February Cinema series for adult cultural guests. More on this here.

Culture. For all!