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Culture area Munich in general:

KulturRaum Munich, cultural guests with cards motif 1, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturRaum Munich, cultural guests with cards motif 2, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturRaum Munich, cultural guests with cards motif 3, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturRaum Munich, cultural guests with cards motif 5, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturRaum Munich, cultural guests at the checkout motif 1, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturRaum Munich, cultural guests at the checkout motif 2, photo: Daniela Pfeil

Culture guest with flyer, photo: Daniela Pfeil

Cultural guest with flyer, photo: Daniela Pfeil

Guest café in the Mohrvilla, photo: KulturRaum München

Guest Café in the Bellevue di Monaco, photo: KulturRaum Munich

Cinema audience at a cinema for guests and children, photo: Daniela Pfeil

Telephone exchange, photo: KulturRaum München

Concert Simmering in Sendling for the birthday of the KulturRaum, photo Daniela Pfeil

Kultur.vor.Ort, Photo: KulturRaum München

Kultur.vor.Ort with musicians Titus Waldenfels and Petra Lewi, photo: KulturRaum Munich

KulturKinder Munich

KulturKinder Munich children's cinema, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturKinder Munich motif in front of banner, photo: Daniela Pfeil

KulturKinder Munich, Photo: Dimitri Davies Fotostudio Exposure value

KulturKinder Munich Mobile children's theater, photo: Dimitri Davies Fotostudio Exposure value

Photo campaign "10 Years KulturRaum Munich":

Motif Christian Beuke
Motif Amelie Diana
Motif Kathrin Häusler
Motif Elisabeth Heyssler
Motif Jarckboy
Motif Robert Madl
Motif Melanie Nigbur
Motif Sabine Ruchlinski
Motive Axel Schweiger
Motif Klaus Ziegler

Higher resolution images on request: presse@kulturraum-muenchen.de

Facts & figures

Our current annual report 2023 – Insight and perspective

Guest survey 2019 – The most important findings at a glance

Current Press Releases

Easter nest with cultural gifts for seniors – KulturWunschNest (07.03.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX)

Under the motto “Together for more joy in life in old age” KulturRaum München is launching a fundraising campaign that aims to fulfill the cultural and leisure wishes of older people.


The Urban Activist: The Gift of Cultural Participation from May 07.05.2024th, XNUMX: The nonprofit KulturRaum München enables access to culture for low income residents in Munich – but cultural participation often requires more than a free ticket

Podcast “Mosaic” from the Bavarian State Association for Cultural Education: Conversation with our deputy managing director Katharina Maurer and Rachel Backes about cultural participation

Münchner Wochenanzeiger from April 24.4.2024, XNUMX: Cultural enjoyment for everyone - KulturRaum Munich provides highlights in everyday life

Münchner Merkur/tz online from March 25.3.2024, XNUMX: “Would go beyond my budget”: Easter campaign gives poor Munich residents their heart’s desire

Report about our KulturWunschNest fundraising campaign

Munich feature article from March 2024: “Man does not live on bread alone”

The KulturRaum München eV has been ensuring that a visit to the theater or concert is always possible even when money is tight for over ten years

Purpose Magazine from February 2024: “KulturRaum München” enables cultural participation, e.g. free tickets for cultural events and access to beautiful experiences for people with little income.

Interview with Katharina Maurer, deputy. Manager.

Hello Munich, clubs in Munich from November 11.11.2023th, XNUMX: Creating special experiences - KulturRaum based in the Isarvorstadt

Podcast Kocheler Zwischenton from August 2023: Sabine Ruchlinski on distraction from everyday worries, classism in the cultural sector and Disney subscriptions

HELLO Munich from 11.02.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX: Big screen for everyone: Culture independent of the budget: association starts free film series in the Arena cinema

The article reports on our guest cinema, which starts in the Arena cinema.

Süddeutsche Zeitung from January 10.01.2023th, XNUMX: Volunteer fair: Helpers wanted

An article about the current volunteer fair and Eva Bauer's volunteer work.

Münchner Merkur/tz from 16.12.2022: Make a wish: Munich association gives away tickets for cultural events to those in need

An article on Thomas Gierling's voluntary commitment to the Friends of the KulturRaum München eV and the KulturWunschBaum.

in Munich from 02.12.2022: Give culture! Common cultural experiences are the gift tip for 2022

This article pursues the idea that giving cultural experiences as gifts is meaningful and sustainable. With a donation to KulturRaum München eV, this can be made possible for people with low incomes.

News Munich from September 09.09.2022th, XNUMX: Munich for everyone! Munich Pass information campaign launched

With a commentary by Sabine Ruchlinski, the possibilities of the new Munich Pass are explained.

Cultural Policy Communications III/2022: Successfully breaking down barriers to cultural visits - The work of initiatives for cultural participation in Germany using the example of KulturRaum München eV

Our executive chair reports on our experiences in breaking down a wide variety of barriers.

Evening newspaper from June 30.6.2022th, XNUMX: Singing in the park free of charge and without registration

A report on our cooperation project with the cultural department "Frida & Kurt".

Süddeutsche Zeitung from May 28.5.2022th, XNUMX: Accessible to the museum

Does the Deutsches Museum have sign language interpreters? Are the signage in the conservatoire understandable for people with learning difficulties? Are there wheelchair-accessible toilets in the Alte Pinakothek? Delivers on all of these questions www.kultur-sperrfrei-muenchen.de an answer.

Süddeutsche Zeitung from April 10.4.2022, XNUMX: More than just food

In the past two years, the number of “guests” at the Münchner Tafel has increased significantly. A visit to the Tafel and also to Kultur.vor.Ort with Elke Werner-Hinz.

Biss Magazin March 2022: Culture and social affairs belong together

A visit to the theater with our KulturKind Ikra Ceylin and her mother.

BR Klassik from December 3.12.2021rd, XNUMX: How barrier-free is the concert for the audience?

Katharina Maurer provides information about the project "Culture without barriers in Munich"

Münchner Wochenanzeiger from November 15.11.2021, XNUMX: "Part of the story"

Ten people give their personal view of KulturRaum eV

Radio Lora on October 15.10.2021th, XNUMX: "KulturRaum München - More than just arranging free culture tickets for low-income earners"

More than 30 minutes with detailed interviews with Sabine Ruchlinski, Sophie Marshall, KulturKickerin Alexa and Ricky from the MixMuc collective.

Abendzeitung Munich from September 01.09.2021st, XNUMX: "Culture is champagne for the soul"

A nice report about our work with personal experiences of a cultural guest.

Münchner Wochenblatt (centre edition) from 18.08.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX

An article about 10 years of KulturRaum on the front page of the weekly newspaper.

Süddeutsche Zeitung on August 03.08.2021rd, XNUMX: Hello, do you need support?

Street worker Anna Kunkel speaks to senior citizens who appear to be in need on the street. In doing so, she draws their attention to what the KulturRaum has to offer.

HALLO münchen (southern edition) on July 31.07.2021, XNUMX: KulturRaum celebrates its tenth anniversary

A few numbers that show what our commitment achieves.

Münchner Wochenanzeiger on April 29.04.2021, XNUMX: “Declarations of love for social cohesion

A statement by KulturRaum managing director Sabine Ruchlinski.

M 94.5 on April 26.04.2021th, 10: "Culture should not be the icing on the cake" - XNUMX years of KulturRaum Munich

A portrait of the KulturRaum München, which combines cultural and social commitment.

Bayern 2 on January 25.01.2021th, XNUMX: Media literacy in old age: Seniors in the Corona trap?

In order to make senior citizens fit for the internet, Linus Einsiedler organized a "digital help" telephone service together with volunteers from the Munich media center Pixel and the Munich cultural space.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur “Studio 9” on January 07.01.2021th, XNUMX: In search of the we – how cultural participation can succeed

KulturRaum founder and BVKT chairwoman Sabine Ruchlinski in a live interview.

Wochenanzeiger from December 28.12.2020th, XNUMX: "Being able to be happy together" - people tell why they work for others

Julie Steger works on a voluntary basis at KulturRaum München. Here she tells why.

Germany radio culture: Corona and the choirs – Singing as a perspective

Culture is for everyone. Also and especially the so-called high culture. Above all, it is also about co-creation. "Kultur.vor.Ort" is part of the offer in the "Kulturraum München eV" and the musician Andrea Pancur leads a choir there that is aimed at all interested parties. The starting point was the Tafel, to which people come who are not doing so well socially.

Wochenanzeiger from September 30.09.2020th, XNUMX: "A project that I am very happy to support"

Verena Dietl takes over the patronage of KulturRaum München eV

Süddeutsche Zeitung from January 18.01.2020th, XNUMX: "Participation - Belonging costs"

What other people take for granted as part of everyday life can hardly be financed by the standard rates that are supposed to secure their livelihood, and certainly not in an expensive city. How great the desire is not to remain trapped in one's own four walls due to lack of money can be seen from the success of the Kulturraum München association.

Münchner Wochenanzeiger from January 14.01.2020th, XNUMX: "Lots of room for culture"

Anyone interested in culture who likes to approach other people is welcome as a volunteer at KulturRaum. Continuity and a lot of empathy are particularly important in this job.

Süddeutsche Zeitung from 07.10.2019: "Gift Culture"

Ulrike Thiessen from the Kulturraum association arranges free tickets for concerts and other events for people who don't have much money.
Some customers weep with joy - and others are so poor that they cannot even afford a ticket.

enormous magazine, July / August 2019: "... and you're out"

The danger of falling out of urban society is growing. In Munich we observed how initiatives are getting involved. For more participation, balance, togetherness

Süddeutsche Zeitung from 03.01.2019: "Free of charge, not for nothing - the KulturRaum provides tickets to needy and disabled people"

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