Schwabing wishing tree

We are currently gaining initial experience as organizers of the wishing tree at the Schwabing Christmas market. A few heartfelt wishes have already been plucked, the opening speech is over, the musicians keep pointing out our KulturKinder WunschBaum and the atmosphere on the market and at our stand is great. It can go on like this!

The wishing tree at the Schwabing Christmas market ... is almost an institution: This is how it works:

Next to the music stage of the Schwabing Christmas market is a Christmas tree full of colorful hearts. The "KulturKinder" wrote their Christmas wishes (up to a maximum of 20 euros), their names and their age on the hearts and hung them on the tree. Visitors to the Christmas market can pick a wish from the wishing tree, fulfill it and then return the gift to the KulturKinder stand in the market until shortly before Christmas.
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Photo: © Schwabing Christmas Market