Special presentation for employees of our social partners

In February we had a special offer for employees of our social partners: in cooperation with Munich chamber games we have a special screening of “Jeeps – a comedy in 3 acts in the job center” invited.

In comedy “Jeeps“ dissected Nora Abdel Maksoud with biting exaggeration, black humor and precision our thoughts and actions based on account balances, wills and perceived threats. In Germany, up to 400 billion euros are inherited every year. What if that money were radically redistributed? “Jeeps” catapults four characters into the scenario of inheritance law reform – and thus into the middle of a passionate exchange of blows and personal conflict.

In the subsequent panel discussion with Olivia Ebert (dramaturg), Susanne K. (heiress), Isis M. (single mother and activist) and Thomas Thedens (Jobcenter Munich), various perspectives of the debate were heard.

“Thank you very much for the invitation to this special performance. It was a very interesting evening, funny and informative, and gave me some food for thought. It also brought me back into the beautiful atmosphere of the Kammerspiele after a long time.” said one participant.

We are pleased about the great response from our social partners and further campaigns of this kind!