Group picture of the KulturRaum team

The KulturRaum Munich team

The KulturRaum Munich team consists primarily of the many volunteers. Of course, an organizational structure is also required to implement the club's goals. This consists of the five-member board and the full-time office team. There are also volunteers who want to get involved in the organizational work.

The board

Sabine Ruchlinski, 1st Chair of the KulturRaum Munich

Sabine Ruchlinski
Executive Chair,
Finances, fundraising, cultural partners, press and public relations, Kultur.vor.Ort

Utto Kammerl, 2nd Chairman of the KulturRaum Munich

Utto Kammerl
2. Chairman of the Board
finance, data protection

KulturRaum Munich Team, Elke Werner Hinz

Elke Werner Hinz
Board of Directors
Ticket brokerage,

Andrea Huber, Head of KulturRaum

Andrea Huber
Board of Directors

Evamaria Kern, Head of KulturRaum Munich

Evamaria Kern
Board of Directors

The office team

Katharina Maurer, employee at KulturRaum Munich

Katharina Maurer
Deputy Management, fundraising, KulturKinder München, Federal Association for Cultural Participation, cultural partners

Luisa Berauer, employee at KulturRaum Munich

Luisa Berauer (on parental leave)
Mediation of social institutions, culture sponsors for Munich, MixMuc, guest café

Culture Space Team Franziska Eder

Franziska Eder
Office assistance and reception

Sophia Marshall
Press and public relations work, social media, admission. Free calendar

KulturRaum Team Veronika Petermaier

Veronika Petermaier
Mediation of social institutions, cultural sponsors for Munich, cultural partners

KulturRaum Team Stefanie Pilz

Stephanie Pilz
Admission.Free calendar editorial management, culture barrier-free Munich, guest café

Heidi Schlager, employee at KulturRaum Munich

Heidi Schlager
Accounting, guest management, guest admission, database, social partners

CultureSpace Team Milena Velasquez

Milena Velasquez
Youth offer KulturKick, KulturKinder München, digital help

Culture Space Team Martina Wurth

Martina Wurth
Volunteer management

Anne Isabelle Zils, employee at KulturRaum Munich

Anne Isabelle Zils, exploration team

Further assistance

Dina Schleicher
Culture salon for at home

Patricia Schüttler, KulturRaum Munich team

Patricia Schüttler
Space for Book Lovers
reading group 1

KulturRaum Team Andrea Schittenhelm

Andrea Schittenhelm
Space for Book Lovers
reading group 2

Klaus Ziegler, KulturRaum Munich team

Klaus Ziegler
Information requests by email

Culture Space Team Martin Forstner

Martin Forstner
Statistics, reporting