A group of people walk past a building

Our volunteer meeting in the Schwere Reiter and creative district

The wonderful evening is behind us - the volunteer meeting on Monday was artistically inspiring as well as informative and sociable. At these meetings, we regularly do something with our volunteers, who support us with mediation, culture.on.site and events. This time we were with over 25 volunteers in the creative quarter at Leonrodplatz on the way and learned a lot of new things about the former military area and the cultural sites located there.
At the beginning we got from the artist Fanny Brandauer a tour of their freshly opened environment "Landscape laboratory: landscape in closed rooms" in PATHOS. The original landscape architect deals with the question of how to stage landscape and nature in closed spaces. Our volunteers were fascinated and exchanged ideas with the artist.
Afterwards guided us Judith Huber, the artistic director of the Heavy Riders and the PATHOS, about the grounds of the creative district and gave us an insight into the Creation of the “Munich Laboratory” and their theater stages.
After we arrived at the imposing Schwere Reiter Bau and greeted with drinks and a picture slide show were told us Sabine Ruchlinksi and other colleagues of current developments at KulturRaum.
Finally gave us Andrew Schlegel, Managing Director of Heavy Riders, a short introduction to the building and how the Schwere Reiter became a "venue for the independent Munich scene".
In a chatty atmosphere we ended the evening with delicious grilled flatbreads from the Import Export “canteen”. finish.
We thank you for that beautiful community and the warm mood at each of our meetings!
Thank you also to that Import Export, our culture partner, for the catering and the little insight into your premises!
And of course to the Schwere Reiter and the pathos for the insights into their work!