Our cultural partners – simply explained

What does a cultural partner do?

Culture partners provide us with free tickets for various events, including concerts, theatre, cabaret, cinema, readings and much more.

Who are our cultural partners and how many are already taking part?

Our cultural partners are large and small organizers from all areas of the culture and art scene. More than 300 cultural event organizers in Munich are taking part and regularly provide us with tickets for culture guests.

How can I donate tickets as a cultural partner?

If you would like to donate tickets to us, please send us an email karten@kulturraum-muenchen.de with the performance in question and the number of tickets you would like to donate. A lead time of one week or more is important to us for a good placement.

How many tickets do I have to donate as a cultural partner? 

As many cards as you can spare! Many organizers regularly put together a contingent per month for us, but it is also possible individually!

It is only important to us that we get at least two tickets so that the respective guest can still take someone with them and does not have to go alone.

What happens after I donate tickets as a cultural partner?

The cards are entered into our switching system. Volunteer mediators then call the culture guests who have registered with us. Our cultural partners will receive a list with the names of the guests by e-mail in good time. Based on this, the tickets can be handed over to the respective guest at the (evening) box office.

What happens after the performance?

If guests have not come to pick up the tickets, we ask for feedback so that we can follow up with the guest.

We look forward to you thinking of us again at your next event!

What do I get out of it as a cultural partner?

As a cultural partner, you gain access to an audience that otherwise would not have come. For financial reasons, but also for many other reasons. Your audience will be more colorful and diverse, empty rows will fill up.

More information for cultural partners can be found here.