6 ways you can support us and our work

We are a non-profit organization, which means we rely on donations and grants to be able to do our work.
But personal support is also valuable and important to us!

Here are the different ways you can support us:

1 Membership:

As a Member of the support association Friends of the KulturRaum München eV you contribute with your contributions to the fact that over 12.000 low-income people can also benefit from our cultural offerings in the long term.

2 donations:

Even with one Donation you can actively support us and thus for the Participation in the cultural life of everyone in Munich insert. We are also happy about long-term partnerships in the private sector!
We also help with donations in kind, e.g. B. for our KulturPost or KreativPäckchen.

3 ticket donations:

What many people probably don't even know: If you are unable to attend an event, you can Donate tickets to us. Our volunteer mediators then pass these on to our culture guests. Cultural organizers can use our become a cultural partner.

4 fine donations:

If you happen to be a judge at the Munich district court or work for the public prosecutor's office in Munich, you can support us by allocating a monetary requirement.

5 Volunteering:

As a volunteer supporters you can support us in various practical activities, e.g. B. at the arranging tickets by telephone to our guests or on site at various food distribution points in Munich. We are also particularly happy about language skills in Kurdish, Dari or Farsi!

6 Tell us about us!

In addition to the options mentioned above, you can also support us by sending our Social Media Posts share, tell people in your area about us or report on our actions.