Go to the theater?
Laugh in the cabaret?
Attend a reading?

Not everyone can afford that!

Cultural participation in Munich

It's been around since 2011 non-profit association KulturRaum München eV Our core concern is to provide free tickets for a variety of cultural events to people with low incomes. Many volunteer helpers are committed to cultural participation with us.

Card brokerage for people with low incomes

Cultural participation for all people regardless of their wallet - that is the idea behind KulturRaum München. Regardless of origin, age or education, everyone in Munich should have the opportunity to take part in the city's cultural life. We address ourselves with our offers Adult, Children and Youth, Also Groups from social institutions and Sponsor tandems can participate.

Culture works

A visit to the theater, concert or cabaret can help in difficult life situations to reduce stress, increase self-esteem and overall improve the quality of life. All our guests have the opportunity to receive a second card and invite someone from their family or friends. Cultural organizers can make their offerings accessible to people who would not otherwise reach them.

What else are we doing for cultural participation?

In addition to the pure Ticket Distribution we have several of our own Offers to join in developed for our cultural guests. These offers include: the monthly Guest Cafe, two reading groups in Space for Book Loverswhich exploration team for experimental culture, the Digital CultureSalon for home and the Participatory offers at the Kultur.vor.Ort locations.

Under Additional projects We summarize projects that go beyond our basic idea of ​​providing maps and culture to people with low incomes: These include the free Digital aid for people who need help using the Internet, the website Culture barrier-free Munich with information on the accessibility of cultural places in Munich and the Free entry Calendar for all Munich residents.

We want culture to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Culture. For all!

Our self-image – for tolerance, democracy and solidarity

KulturRaum München eV is committed to the cultural and social participation of all Munich residents. We stand for cultural diversity and cosmopolitanism as well as for a tolerant, democratic and solidary urban society. Our goal is to promote cultural and social cohesion in society. Regardless of origin, age, education or income: everyone in Munich should have the opportunity to take part in the city's cultural life. The diversity of our urban society is reflected in our team, among our guests and in our cultural offerings. This is precisely why we are firmly opposed to any form of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and trans*phobia, sexism or other misanthropic exclusion and discrimination. We expect our guests and cooperation partners to respect our attitude and treat us accordingly.