Get creative and make music with artistic inspiration

In addition to voluntary cultural mediation, professional artists at Kultur.vor.Ort invite people at the food counter to ask for music and to be creative themselves.

The following activities are offered at some Kultur.vor.Ort locations:

We appreciate the continued support from various Musicians at our Kultur.vor.Ort locations in the whole city. With full conviction and a lot of passion, they bring a little relief and invite you to listen, make music and sing.

Im creative district effect Ian Jakab together with ours Volunteer Zoe Staack made a special offer. Here he is regularly with the DJ Bike on site. People at the food distribution point can ask for music tracks or get actively involved at the solar-powered DJ booth and put on their own records or cassettes.

This open Participation offer for children from 3 years we offer at the wholesale market hall and in the creative district in Munich Neuhausen. Conducts during food distribution Abathar Kmash encourages children to try out musical instruments, learn about rhythms from around the world and encourage them to let their voices shine.

At the wholesale market hall and during the holidays in the creative district, experienced educators show how you can create something together with few resources and how you can express your own imagination.

We look forward to photos of the resulting works.

Please to or on +0151 57 48 23 58 XNUMX and Signal or WhatsApp.

For children from 4 years and for all young at heart with heart and hand.

More about Mediation our volunteer teams here.