LiteraturRaum - free reading circle in Munich

LiteraturRaum – Free reading circles in Munich for our culture guests

With the LiteraturRaum we offer two reading circles for our culture guests. Of the "Reading Circle 1" takes place under the direction of Patricia Schüttler instead of. A second "Reading Circle 2" led by Andrea Schittenhelm is the motto "Books that mean the world - a literary journey around the world". The participants in the reading circles share a love of books and the joy of exchanging ideas about literature with like-minded people. Our meetings take place once a month in the premises of the KulturRaum on Zenettistraße. In each case, a book title is discussed, which was previously selected by the participants and read in preparation.

Everyone should have their say in the loosely moderated discussion rounds. It is always amazing how diverse a text can be interpreted and what different experiences each individual has while reading it. In the exchange of opinions, the participants enrich each other. In order to deepen our reading impressions, we also occasionally visit author readings, film or theater performances. And we were also allowed to look behind the scenes of a large publishing house.

The books are donated to us by publishers, so the Participation in the literature room is free of charge for our culture guests at a hunt.

what we read

We love variety! Most of the time we read current, publicly discussed titles or classics of world literature - but our reading group is also open to unconventional book suggestions and reading experiences. The following titles have been discussed so far:

July Zeh - Unterleuten
Gertrud Leutenegger – Late Guests
Michel Houellebecq - Serotonin
Leïla Slimani – Then you too can sleep
Eugen Ruge - In times of waning light
Joachim Meyerhoff – When will things go back to how they never were
Aravind Adiga - The White Tiger
Sarah Bakewell - The Existentialist Cafe
Truman Capote - Summer Thieves
Elena Ferrante – The Neapolitan Saga (Part 1-3)
Natasha Vodin - She came from Mariupol