Discover experimental culture together

Inspired by a joint visit to the Spielart Festival in 2019, a mixed team of culture guests and volunteers was formed, which deals with cultural formats beyond the mainstream. With this exploration team the participants experience extraordinary culture with contemporary content and share their experiences with each other.

The exploration team on the road in Munich

In January 2022, curator Daniel Talesnik guided us through the Exhibition "Whos next" in the Architecture Museum of the Technical University of Munich guided. Exciting architectural projects from all over the world were shown that aim to facilitate the reintegration of homeless people into society.

In summer 2022 we visited a contemporary one Dance theater piece by the Bodytalk ensemble at the Schwere Reiter. Six older and three younger dancers impressed us with the piece "Ancient Friends//Ancient Friends".

This was also a wonderful school of perception for us Joan Jonas exhibition at Haus der Kunst. One participant also attended the live performance of the 80-year-old world-famous artist and was very touched by it.

In 2023 we have for the film Feminism WTF cards from Dok.fest receive. We were also impressed by the exhibition by a young Munich collective Point of no return in the Maximiliansforum about helping to shape the city.

So on our exploration tours we learn exciting play and cultural venues in Munich know.

Current explorations

In autumn 2023 it will be there again game festival on the program.

Ideas for further visits from the team will be included if possible. We cordially invite interested volunteers and cultural guests.