People in front of the Arena cinema in the evening

Big cinema for culture guests in the Arena Filmtheater

Every cinema fan's heart blossoms. Together with that Arena cinema we have the for our culture guests Film "Maria dreams - Or: The Art of New Beginnings" brought to the screen. The tickets were booked out quickly, which is why we ultimately booked both halls and almost 90 cinema seats filled.

The anticipation was visibly great and popular seats were quickly taken. The charm and optimism of the originally French film made itself felt in every corner of the cinema hall. We have laughed heartily and were warmed by the life-affirming story. Stimulating conversations provided a nice end to the convivial afternoon.

Our heartfelt desire to make culture accessible to as many people as possible also includes that for us very popular genre cinema with a. In times of multiplex cinemas and state-of-the-art technology, cinema tickets have become a luxury with prices over 15 euros.

So it was a special pleasure for us Programmatic cinema arena in the Glockenbachviertel with the kind support of the district committee of the Isar suburb to play on. We could do a little but unique movie theater support and shine the spotlight. It started as a silent film cinema and has been part of film history for more than a century. With its special ambience, it is still considered the neighborhood's entertainment hotspot.

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