Group photo Spring Festival

With 200 KulturKindern at the Spring Festival

What could be nicer than the tingling feeling of a carousel ride? After 2 years of a forced break due to corona, you could do that on the Munich Spring Festival experience again. And we were right in the middle! At the invitation of the showmen, on Thursday last week 200 children and young people explore the festival grounds and rides with free entry. Among them were refugees from Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan.
We have the visit together with Thomas Gierling and Maximilian Boeltl from "Laughs instead of firecrackers" organized, who came from Kirchheim with Ukrainian orphans and their foster parents. Also there were groups of Juno and Refugio Munich.

And this is what the children and young people said:

Alina 12 years: "It was so nice to see all the colors and lights, I loved the bus ride and the ghost train the most."

Sasha 17 years: "We had so much fun and joy on all the rides, it was really cool to see other teenagers and spend an afternoon with them."

Luba 11 years: “What I liked best was that we all dressed up nicely and rode a lot of rides. The many sweets were the most beautiful for me”

If you want to make further campaigns of this kind possible, you should definitely go to the special donation campaign "Laugh instead of Fear"  by Thomas Gierling and Maximilian Boeltl.

Many thanks to the VMS (Veranstaltungsgesellschaft der Münchner Schausteller GmbH), Yvonne Heckl (Head of Spring Festival) and her team.

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