Make music with artists, participate, create together

In addition to the voluntary cultural mediation work of our KulturRaum on site We wake up mediators with different teams Participation offers Desire to get creative and try things out yourself. The offers are designed by professional artists. The following formats have been developed at the Kultur.vor.Ort locations so far:

music in the neighborhood

Ian Jakab and various other artists are regularly out and about in the creative district with the DJ bike. The people at the food counter should be encouraged to talk to each other and to linger and listen to music together.

Artistic direction: Ian Jakab

Just try yourself with instruments, with hands and feet or with your voice and join in. A Offer for children between 3 and 7 years money or between 6 to 10 years as part of the food distribution at the Großmarkthalle Munich and in the creative district in Munich Neuhausen.

Artistic direction: Chrisa Lazariotou.

Making something together, learning creative finger exercises together and enjoying the work created. For children from 4 years and for all young at heart with heart and hands.

Artistic direction: Birgit Bode.

GuestCafé – get to know each other, exchange ideas and get involved

Since 2020, the KulturRaum team has been organizing a guest café in various parts of the city to exchange ideas over coffee, cake and music. The guest café is intended to serve as a platform and meeting place for our culture guests. It offers the opportunity to get to know new districts and places and to get involved creatively.

Mobile cultural offerings in social institutions

With specially designed events held on site in facilities, we can specifically address the needs of staff and clients and offer the necessary flexibility. In this way, especially in times of scarce cultural offerings, cultural experiences are also made possible for people who are not so mobile.

In addition, a location-independent hands-on format from the Kultur.vor.Ort environment:

Musik.vor.Ort – making music and singing for adults

The Musik.vor.Ort-Ensemble is a community choir for adults. Sing together and experiment musically, then dine together. The choir meets weekly.

Artistic direction: Andrea Pancur assisted by Ian Chapman

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